Is Your Amazon Sidewalk Device Putting Your Network in Danger?

Just about anyone can tell you that sharing your WiFi with people you don’t trust is a bad idea. Besides being able to access the devices on your network without your knowledge, someone unscrupulous could use your internet connection to perform illegal acts such as piracy. As such, it can be unsettling to find out when companies share your WiFi network without your knowledge – and that’s just what Amazon has done with one of its newer features for Alexa-enabled Echo devices and certain Ring camera products. Amazon Sidewalk is a feature that, in the event of an internet outage at a neighbor’s house, allows their Amazon products to tap into the connections of other Amazon devices in your or any other neighbor’s homes. While the intent of this feature isn’t malicious, it still could present a security risk – not to mention the fact that it automatically opts users in until they specifically choose to opt out. For more information, as well as instructions to opt out of this feature, take a look at the following article: Amazon Sidewalk and How to Opt Out

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