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macrium, it's our business to protect your data


Not all backup programs are created equal. Here at RGB, there’s really only one tool that we put our complete faith into: a program called Macrium Reflect. RGB is a verified Macrium reseller, and all information below has been provided to us by Macrium as a part of their reseller information guide. For more details about Macrium including uses, key features, products, and competitive comparison, read below. For additional information, visit our blog post about Macrium.

The Basics

  • Windows Backup for Virtual Machines, Workstations, Servers, and SQL & Exchange 
  • Schedule and manage network-wide backups through a centralized console. 
  • On-premise backup focus with cloud integration and off-site synchronization 
  • Fast, reliable and easily recoverable images 
  • Large scale computer imaging deployment 


Workstation Edition: Backup for PCs, Workstations, and Laptops.

Server Edition: Backup for Microsoft Servers. 

VM Bundles: Server edition priced per virtual machine. 

Deployment Kit: Allows technicians to create images that can be used in multiple workstations, ensuring consistent environments. 

Technician’s License: Technicians can use Macrium Reflect on PCs online and offline with a  USB, without installing the software on the machine itself.

Key Features

Image Guardian

Puts a lock on your backup images so they cannot be scrambled in the event you’re afflicted by cryptoviruses or ransomware.


Allows users to boot into images made using Macrium Reflect and retrieve data from applications stored on a bootable image.


Restore to dissimilar hardware

Network Agent Installs

Install, set-up and manage networks from a single console 

Bootable Rescue OS

Bare-metal restore and imaging through a recovery environment. 

Macrium for Business

Small Business

Standalone backup for workstations and servers. Backup across workstations using Site Manager.


Standalone endpoint backup for workstations and servers. Manage at a greater scale using MultiSite.

Technicians and Maintenance

Technician’s License for portable backup support on a USB to use Macrium without actually installing the software. Up to 5 technicians may use the Deployment Kit on unlimited workstations or servers.


Use Site Manager to deploy and monitor workstations and servers. Manage backup for multiple clients with MultiSite.

Deciding on Macrium

Minimum System Requirements


  • At least 512MB RAM (1GB min recommended) 
  • Windows XP Service Pack 3 or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 or later 
  • A keyboard and mouse 
  • Small agent, >60MB installer, >150MB installed 

Competitive Comparison



Acronis users may face more issues with reliability and single file recovery. Macrium is generally more user friendly. 


Veeam is more expensive than Macrium and is priced per CPU rather than per VM. 

Symantec Ghost

Symantec Ghost is outdated and there are no future updates expected. 


StorageCraft can be complex and require additional features. Some software is also outdated.



RGB is a verified Macrium reseller, and we are happy to assist customers in any way that we can with their technological needs (Macrium and otherwise)! Macrium support staff also offers different levels of support based on which version you choose.