Enter the Matrix from the Comfort of Your Own Living Room

The VR vision of the future is here (pun intended). Apple’s new virtual reality and augmented reality headset is coming out soon, likely in March, but potentially in January. Here is what you need to know… Virtual Reality, aka VR, is a up and coming technology. While the technology hasn’t progressed to the point where we can dodge realistic bullets like in the Matrix, modern VR has come a long way since it was introduced with the Oculus Rift in 2013. Augmented reality, aka AR, has also matured since its beginnings.

Apple is finally entering the fray after years of speculation that it would release a VR headset. At a starting price of $3,499, the Apple Vision Pro would be the most expensive base consumer product provided by the trillion dollar tech company. The Apple Vision Pro’s stand out features include viewable eye holes, more than a dozen cameras and sensors, the ability to track hand movement, and much MUCH more. Unlike previous VR and AR products that often catered to entertainment, the Apple Vision Pro is aiming for versatility. Imagine recreating your office environment with a multi-monitor setup, all within the confines of a headset. Suddenly, work can be wherever you are.

While this is Apple’s first VR headset, it will likely be a hit given Apple’s previous accomplishments. While the price tag might raise eyebrows, Apple’s track record suggests that die-hard fans might overlook the cost. After all, Apple has consistently seen rising iPhone sales despite the increasing price tags on their products.

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