Securing Your Digital World: The Simple Explanation to Computer Backups and Why You Need Them

You may hear the advice to back up your computer from your tech savvy friends and family, but what does that actually mean? Backing up your computer is like creating a safety net to save your computer in case things go wrong!

The actual process of backing up your computer means making a copy of everything that is important on the computer and putting that copy in another location. The important information would include any documents, photos, and videos you have on your computer. Options for backups include using the “cloud” and/or a local backup. The definition of a cloud backup is having your information stored in another location. A local backup, as the name suggests, is when your information is stored locally. The idea behind backing up is so that if your computer were to suddenly break, your important data is still intact and safe in another place. Most people don’t realize what they need on a computer until they no longer have it.

Some of the suggestions out there for how to backup your computer may seem complicated to an untrained person, but don’t let this dissuade you. Backups are extremely important. If you know someone close to you who is tech savvy, have a regular technician you see, or want to see us to consult on how to set up backing up your data, I recommend doing so immediately. You can rest easy once your backups are set up so that when disaster strikes you will be prepared. You can look forward to us revisiting this subject with more frequency and in more detail in the near future due to its importance.

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